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The model for assisting students in achieving success following high school includes a number of key components.

Classroom Instruction - Our trained Job Specialists provide individual and group instruction to students in the program on the educational areas in need of improvement.

Employability Skills – Our curriculum equips participants with employability competencies that will prepare them for the workplace.

Adult Mentoring – Our Specialists provide students with individual attention and assistance in overcoming the barriers that prevent them from achieving their high school diploma or GED and/or securing employment or a postsecondary education.

Advisement and Support – Job Specialists provide advice and support to students making significant career and life decisions in the earlier grades (9 th – 11 th), and connect them to professional counselors to address more serious matters such as mental health problems or drug abuse.

Summer Employment Training – As a part of ongoing training and dropout prevention, job placement services are provided for summer months to support year-long learning.

Student-Led Leadership Development – Our Career Association builds on our curriculum and provides opportunities for students to develop and refine their leadership and teaming skills. Participants are provided the opportunity to take part in regional and state conferences offering a variety of sessions, workshops and competitive events.

Job and Postsecondary Education Placement – Specialists actively work with employers and job development activities to identify entry-level jobs for students after graduation or GED completion, and assist with navigation of the financial aid process for those who wish to pursue postsecondary education.

Linkages to School and Community-Based Services – JMG programs serve as a centralized location for targeted youth to receive the academic and social services that each school and community can provide.

12-Month Follow-Up Services – JMG provides a full year or more of follow-up services to assist participants in overcoming difficulties after graduation.

Accountability – Through a comprehensive participation and success tracking system, we are held accountable by our national parent company to provide the best service possible.

Professional Development – Our Job Specialists receive ongoing training themselves, to ensure that they have the latest information and techniques at hand.

Activity-based classroom instruction – Our curriculum provides math and reading assignments to improve basic skills, with pre- and post-test assessments documenting competency attainment.

Motivation is Key – Though our many services, we help our participants become motivated to find success, through improving their basic skills, assisting in overcoming barriers, and giving them opportunities through job development and participation in the student-led organization.

Cost-effective – Our program has an average cost of $1,500 per participant for the in-school phase of the program. Full-time employed graduates or completers who are employed full-time repay the cost of their participation within 14 months after leaving school, through payroll and sales taxes.


Jobs for Mississippi Graduates is a division of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program.  
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