Jobs for Mississippi Graduates has developed a set of targeted competencies for participants of the program. These were developed as a result of employers’ views on desired worker traits and skills, job search reviews, and considerable feedback by Specialists. The thirty-seven core competencies are grouped into six clusters.

Career Development Competencies include the development of awareness of an individual's special aptitudes, abilities, interests, life goals and desired lifestyles. The curriculum also includes information about the world of work, various occupations and career paths.

Job Attainment Competencies are those skills and abilities that are important to job development and placement. The numerous requirements for a successful job search are not usually part of high school course offerings, and this intensive training may be the student’s first exposure to job acquisition skills.

Job Survival Competencies include those competencies required for success on-the-job. Many young people feel a reduced need for world-of-work activities once a job is attained. This cluster allows young people to develop realistic survival skills for dealing with the day-to-day work environment. Skills learned in this area include appropriate appearance, understanding what employers expect of employees, and following directions.

Basic Competencies develop skills critical to success both on the job and in everyday life. To succeed in our society, everyone must possess basic skills such as comprehending written and verbal communications and performing basic mathematical calculations.

Leadership and Self-Development Competencies enable students to function effectively in team and group projects and activities on the job or in an organizational context. This includes delivering presentations to a group and demonstrating team leadership.

Personal Skills Competencies encourage awareness of personal decisions, the need for assuming responsibility for one’s actions and decisions, and how these decisions affect future employment potential and life satisfaction. This area helps participants identify a self-value system, look to values and goals in decision-making, and demonstrate a positive attitude.

Work Place Competencies expand on the Job Survival Competencies and include skills that are expected of successful and productive employees, such as punctuality, attitude, reasoning skills, and prioritizing and managing time effectively.

Economic Empowerment Competencies include skills such as understanding insurance, money management, and how to start a small business.


Jobs for Mississippi Graduates is a division of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program.  
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