Connecting at-risk youth with a hopeful future by ensuring graduation


Jobs for Mississippi Graduates (JMG), Inc. is a private non-profit organization initiated in 1990 to serve public school at-risk and disadvantaged young people. In 1990, JMG became an affiliate of one of the most successful school-to-career programs in the nation, Jobs for America’s Graduates, (JAG) Inc.

The JMG curriculum is modeled after JAG, which equips students with a minimum of 37 of 86 employment & basic skills competencies developed by JAG that will prepare them to pursue postsecondary education upon graduation from high school, secure a quality entry-level job, enter the military or a vocational school.
Since its inception, the program has maintained an overall 90%+ graduation rate, a more than 90% retention rate and an 80% total positive outcome rate among the students it serves.
The mission of JMG is to establish programs at school sites, using the JAG Model, across Mississippi to enhance the high school graduation rates of those youth assessed as at-risk by providing a set of unique services including 12 months of post-graduation follow-up services. Services provided include employability skills training to reduce youth unemployment and dropout rates while increasing graduation rates among the nation’s most at-risk.
The number one goal of JMG is to combat illiteracy by preparing at-risk youth to succeed in the 21st century workplace through a combination of innovative instructional methods, educationally sound research-based curriculum, effective school/business partnerships, mentors, and work experience. Therefore, the program is a collaborative effort designed to establish partnerships with schools, students, employers, and communities.
Since the inception of the program in 1990, services have been provided to over 30,000 in-school high school students and 1100 middle school students. An average of 35 students is enrolled in the program at each site. The JMG course is an elective and students receive 1 Carnegie Unit upon successful completion of the course.